Tower Crane Hire in Western Australia

Urban Cranes offer a range of tower cranes designed for various civil multi-story construction projects for high-quality lifting solutions. Tower cranes are best suited to high-rise building construction projects with their unmatched ability to cover entire work project needs. They are able to outperform the loading and lifting capacity of other cranes, while their height capacity cannot by matched by any other crane. They have immense stability and can bear the most difficult lifting operations.

Operators must be fully qualified and trained to operate our tower cranes that are available for dry hire. All our tower cranes are regularly serviced to meet Australian quality and safety standards along with maintaining up-to-date service records.

Model Capacity* Radius* Tip Capacity* Downloads
MC50 2.5t 40m 1.00t PDF
MC85 5.0t 50m 1.30t PDF
MCT85 5.0t 52m 1.10t PDF
MTC88 5.0t 52m 1.15t PDF
MC310 12t 70m 3.20t PDF

Hammerhead Cranes for Hire

*Maximum capacities.

Model Capacity* Radius* Tip Capacity* Downloads
MCH125 8.0t 50m 2.0t PDF

Luffing Crane for Hire

*Maximum capacities.


Crane lifting and equipment hire services delivered with commitment

What Our Tower Crane Services Include

Hiring tower cranes with Urban Cranes comes with a range of services:

  • ​Coordination and site planning
  • Engineer certified crane lift plans and crane base designs
  • Hire of 2.5 tonne to 12.0 t hammerhead or luffing cranes
  • Remote control and cabin operated cranes
  • Low power consumption cranes
  • Dogman, riggers and crane operator hire
  • Installation, commssioning and recovery of cranes
  • Transport and logistics
  • Customised signage & lighting
  • Different mount configurations using static base or grillages
  • Crane accessories; chain slings, rescue cages, man box, pallet lifters, rubbish bins, kibbles, brick cages, block cages.
Constructing a tower crane

How Tower Cranes Operate

Tower crane dry hire at Urban Cranes operate by providing lifting solutions as tall as high-rise buildings. This is an advantage of tower cranes in elevated construction as tower cranes can lift large and heavy items much higher than other crane types. Tower cranes have the lifting capabilities for heavy steel and concrete, along with large acetylene torches, motors and generators. Tower cranes also have a longer reach that allows them to access all areas on a construction site without needing to move. Tower cranes are usually fixed to a single position with their limited mobility capabilities and tower crane set up can take hours or days before completing the first lift.

Tower Crane Hire Locations

We supply tower crane hire across Western Australia on civil construction projects in Perth, Peel, South West, Wheatbelt, Grout Southern, Goldfields to Esperance, Midwest, Gascoyne and Pilbara.

Map of WA

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Contact our team today to discuss hiring our tower cranes for your next civil construction project. Whether you need a 5 tonne to 12 tonne tower crane, just complete our online contact form or give us a call for a free quote.






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