About Us

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What we do

About Us

With several decades of immersive industry experience and a track record of overcoming diverse challenges, the leadership team at Urban Cranes possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in a competitive environment.

We have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results when devising and executing strategies for our commercial clientele. This can be attributed to our commitment to the early phases of project development and overseeing the project until the job has been completed.

At Urban Cranes, our team offer an unwavering commitment and robust capabilities required to meet business objectives. We reciprocate their dedication by providing the care and appreciation they deserve.


What We Do

Offering a wide range of crane hire and complete lifting solutions across Western Australia.

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Crane & Equipment Hire
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Project Management
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Tower crane servicing and major inspection
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Our Team

As a company, we take the time to know our team members on a personal level, fostering open two-way relationships. Over the years, we have handled various extensive projects, solidifying our position as one of Western Australia’s top choices for project partnerships.

Together, we look forward to constantly evolving and expanding as a business, remaining true to our core values.

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How we Operate

Our Core Values

At Urban Cranes, our primary asset is our team. Over time, we have cultivated a group of individuals committed to evolving for the business’s continued success.

As a group, we are not content with complacency. We have a culturally mature focus on developing and maintaining deeper values that contribute heavily to supporting greater outcomes for our team and the wider community.

At Urban Cranes, we value;

Care – We support our community with open arms, open minds and open hearts to demonstrate our humility and gratitude for their efforts.

Honesty – Our team is diverse, coming from various backgrounds. We accept each other’s contributions to a greater picture of what we have to offer as a company.

Respect – Our commitment to our community is sealed with a shared bond of respect, which we view from a place of neutrality and equality.

Trust – When engaging with risk, there is nothing more important than shared trust in the people sharing the journey. As a team, we instil trust in others, knowing they will be there if we fall to help get us back on our feet.

Knowledge – As individuals, we all have our own awareness and understanding, which is empowered by our social and collective consciousness and unconscious to form a cohesive and dynamic team.