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Offering a wide range of crane hire solutions accommodating our client needs in project management, rigging, construction, logistics, tower crane servicing and major inspections.

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Crane & Equipment Hire
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Project Management
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Tower crane servicing and major inspection
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Crane Hire & Equipment

Rely on one of Western Australia’s leading industry providers for all your lifting and heavy-duty equipment needs.

At Urban Cranes, we have built our reputation over several decades in the industry by offering top-of-the-range crane hire services and high-quality equipment at competitive prices.

We have a comprehensive fleet of machinery and equipment ready for your unique project demands.

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Tower Crane Hire

Elevate your construction project to new heights with our Tower Crane Hire. We offer top-of-the-range tower cranes designed to handle heavy lifting tasks with precision and ease.

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Self-Erecting Crane Hire

Our Self-Erecting Cranes are ideal for projects of all sizes, notable for their remarkable lifting capabilities without compromising stability or safety.

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All Terrain Crane Hire

Experience the power of mobility and versatility with our Mobile Crane Hire. We offer an extensive range of mobile cranes, perfectly engineered to bring power, flexibility and manoeuvrability to your project.

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Pick and Carry Cranes

Enhance your project’s mobility and efficiency with our Franna Crane Hire. Often referred to as pick-and-carry cranes, Franna Cranes are an essential asset for small and large-scale projects.

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Crane Deck Hire

Our Crane Deck Hire service is ideal for extending lifting reach. Our comprehensive range of crane decks is known for their strength, durability, and adaptability for various job sites.

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Servicing across Western Australia

Servicing Western Australia, Urban Cranes is located at Perth Airport and provides crane lifting & equipment hire services throughout WA:

South West
Great Southern
Goldfields to Esperance

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Commonly Asked Questions

Cranes come in several variations, fixed to mobile, slewing to non-slewing, wheels-tracks, telescoping to non-telescoping, and more; with our fleet and industry partners, we can help you with any type of crane to suit your needs, and the best part is our team can help guide you through the selection process.

A mobile crane is mounted on tyres or tracks and can provide mobility to or on your project. With the addition of counterweights, these types of cranes can greatly increase their lifting capacity.

A tower crane is a fixed type of crane that can be constructed at any stage of your project. These types of cranes slew (swivel) on the top of a tower.

Our fleet includes both a hammerhead (horizontal jib (arm) with a trolley that travels in and out) as well as luffing (jib moves up and down).

Our cranes are designed by an engineer and registered with the regulator before the construction of your project.

A self-erecting crane is a small tower crane that can be positioned and erected on your project without the need for construction using hydraulic rams to stand the tower and extend the jib (arm). While these cranes may lack in lifting capacity, they make up for in versatility.

A Franna crane is a Terex-branded pick and carry crane, which is highly regarded in the industry. These cranes do not require outrigger supports to maintain their stability and can pick (lift) a load and carry (move) it to another location.

A crane deck is a type of materials-handling platform that extends or retracts to load or unload materials or equipment for your project. As the sole Western Australian distributor of Crane Decks designed and manufactured in Australia, we can provide a system that lends itself well to situations involving ongoing construction projects, crane hire facilities, plant maintenance and many other applications.

Yes, in Western Australia, crane operation requires a licence as detailed in the Work Health and Safety Regulations. We have licenced and highly skilled operators in our team for wet hire scenarios and can help you source or train your personnel for dry hire.


Business Specific FAQs

Yes. Urban Cranes is not just an equipment hire company; we specialise in high-risk construction work.

We have team members with experience as principal contractors, so we understand what is required at each project stage.

With our valued industry partners, we can coordinate construction package solutions to include services such as earthworks, formwork and concrete.

Our team includes full-time crane technicians who can respond at short notice to inspect any unplanned condition of the crane. As a registered item of plant in some scenarios, the Work Health and Safety Regulator may need to be notified. With this in mind, our team can also assess these conditions.

Our services are insured under comprehensive policies, including persons, plant, public, and property.

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Highgate Shopping Centre

Building Type: Civil & Infrastructure
Project Value: $200,000.00

Project due for completion 2021.

Urban Cranes Pty Ltd was contracted to erect 55+ precast panels with mobile cranes & dry hire of MCT85 tower crane at the new complex in Highgate WA. The team consisted of full erection crew, Site Supervisor, Dogman & Riggers, Crane Operators, Welder, Grouters and Joint Sealers. The scope included precast rigging, erection / dismantle/ maintenance of tower crane, substantial back propping, mobile crane & equipment supply, labour & material supply for Grouting & Joint Sealing works.


Drawing on years of practical experience from numerous sectors, the Urban Cranes leadership team are equipped with the knowledge to tackle the unique challenges of various projects in a competitive landscape.

Our company is widely recognised for its superior delivery of results, from ideation to the implementation of projects for our portfolio of commercial partners. As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver time and time again, stemming from our unwavering commitment and dedication to ensuring our operations are carried out in a professional and timely manner.


Satisfied clients for years

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