Project Management


Our Process


Meet with the client to understand their goals and needs

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Collaborate with innovation to determine economical and efficient solutions

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Plan delivery methodology and establish capabilities required

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Delivery of the proposed plan

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Detailed Project Planning

At Urban Cranes, we understand that each project requires planning, and its importance cannot be overstated. We’re here to guide you through each stage of the planning phase to ensure your project succeeds.

We believe in the power of meticulous project planning. No project is too large or too complex for our experienced team. We provide a detailed step-by-step approach to ensure that your project, whether it’s construction, maintenance, or installation, proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

Before deploying our high-quality cranes, we conduct a comprehensive site assessment. Our experienced professionals will examine your site conditions, evaluate the required lift capacity, and determine the best type of crane to meet your project requirements. This rigorous process ensures your work’s safety and efficiency, saving you valuable time and resources.


HSEQ Planning

Safety isn’t just a policy, but it’s at the core of our mission. We value the importance of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality planning, continually striving to deliver services that meet the highest standards.

At Urban Cranes, we believe in providing safety first above everything else. This core principle is embedded in every aspect of our HSEQ planning. Our certified safety professionals evaluate each lifting operation’s potential risks whilst developing plans to ensure the well-being of all patrons.

Our environmental responsibility is as equally as important to us. We’re dedicated to minimising our environmental impact and consistently evaluating our processes for improvements. From incorporating fuel-efficient cranes to noise reduction measures, our team is proactive in finding eco-friendly solutions.

We strive not just to deliver a top-notch service but to be consistent and show repeatable excellence through our results. This belief shapes our quality control approach, with each project being audited and reviewed to ensure we continually meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Project Management

AutoCAD Overlays

Our AutoCAD overlays are an integral part of our planning and implementation stages. These intricate digital blueprints enable our team to visualise and accurately measure the job at hand.

By leveraging AutoCAD technology, we map out the operation to identify potential pain points in the project and determine the best location to place your crane, ensuring the optimal safety of our personnel and your property.