Mobile Crane Hire in Western Australia

As the name suggests, our range of mobile cranes can provide you with an adaptable lifting solution - and tremendous reach.

We have cranes capable of moving loads up to 250 tonnes while remaining easily transportable on public roads and around your job site.

Our mobile cranes offer the broadest range of applications in the crane family. And wherever your project is, we can deliver an effective solution to you when you need it.

Mobility That Packs a Punch

While mobile cranes are great for lighter lifts, they also pack a serious punch.

Urban Cranes can deliver a mobile crane solution to get your lift underway with a tip-capacity of 1.7t and a working radius of up to 74m.

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Model Capacity* Radius* Tip Capacity* Downloads
GMK3060 60t 42m 0.7t PDF
GMK5220 220t 62m 1.3t PDF
GMK6300 300t 74m 1.7t PDF

Mobile Cranes for Hire

*Maximum capacities.

Model Capacity* Radius* Tip Capacity* Downloads
SL25 25t 18m 1.1t PDF

Franna Crane for Hire

*Maximum capacities.

Mobile Crane Hire Inclusions

A range of services are included when hiring mobile cranes with Urban Cranes:

  • Coordination and site planning
  • AutoCAD crane lift plans & elevations
  • Dry or wet hire options available
  • Dogman, riggers and crane operator hire
  • Transport and logistics
  • Tilt-up panel lifting equipment and ‘H’ frame configurations
  • Crane accessories; chain slings, rescue cages, man box, pallet lifters, rubbish bins, kibbles, brick cages, block cages.
  • Traffic management
Crane performing tilt-up

Crane lifting and equipment hire services delivered with commitment

How Mobile Cranes Operate

Our compact mobile cranes require minimal set-up time and can be driven on public roads without risking damage to the road surface or the crane itself. While mobile cranes have traditionally been used on light duty projects, technological advancements have seen the capabilities of mobile cranes expand to lifting heavier and heavier loads. Mobile cranes are hydraulically powered and equipped with heavy duty axles needed to effectively lift domestic furniture and heavy duty construction materials. The combination of easy mobility and heavy duty lifting capability allows mobile cranes to access and work on a versatile range of projects.

Mobile Crane Hire Locations

Our team supplies mobile crane dry hire across Western Australia for civil construction projects in Perth, Peel, South West, Wheatbelt, Grout Southern, Goldfields to Esperance, Midwest, Gascoyne and Pilbara.

Map of WA

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