Our Tilt-Up and Precast Rigging Services in Western Australia

Our tilt-up and precast rigging services offer our clients flexibility and convenience as we can service construction projects of any height or scale. Our team has experience delivering quality tilt-up and precast rigging solutions ranging from erecting small simple projects through to large complex projects that require high levels of planning and hands-on management. Urban Cranes can provide even more superior rigging results on your elevated project when we are engaged during the design and planning stages to assisting the constructability, temporary works and logistics.

How Does Tilt-Up and Precast Rigging Work?

Urban Cranes specialise in tilt-up and precast rigging that have installed and removed escalators and travellators, positioned electrical and mechanical components, and rigged modular buildings. Tilt-up and precast rigging are most effective with advanced planning to make a crane move swiftly and safely from panel to panel through tight spaces and great heights. This occurs once the erection contractor, crane supervisor and rigging supervisor evaluate the crane access to panels, slab thickness, panel layout, type of lifting connections, and size and weight of the panels.

To break it down, tilt-up rigging uses a crane to vertically tilt cured concrete slabs into a braced position until the other building components are in place. Precast rigging uses casting concrete in a reusable mould that is then cured into concrete slabs, transported to the construction site and lifted into place.

Rigging Safety Requirements

Tilt-up and precast erection provide the means to safely lift and move heavy concrete slabs, beams or frames across multiple levels. As with any working at heights construction project, tilt-up and precast erection can pose safety risks that Urban Cranes acknowledges by complying to Australian quality and safety construction standards by regularly servicing and maintaining our cranes. Crane operators and rigging supervisors who oversee the tilt-up and precast rigging services must be fully qualified and trained to take on the immense responsibility.

Tilt-Up and Precast Rigging Service Inclusions

  • Multi-stack capabilities for increased efficiency

  • Customised signage with your company logo

  • Fixed safety harness anchor points

  • Safe 4 prop system

  • Unique rear rollers for easy installation

  • Unique hold down brackets as an alternative to propping

  • All crane decks are galvanised

  • Multi-prop support of 3.5 metres and 4.8 metres

  • Internal width is approximately 200mm greater than similar products

  • Lighter in weight

Crane performing tilt-up

Crane lifting and equipment hire services delivered with commitment

Tilt-Up Services in Western Australia

Urban Cranes conduct tilt-up and precast rigging services across Western Australia on civil construction projects throughout:

  • Perth​
  • Peel
  • South West
  • Wheatbelt
  • Great Southern
  • Goldfields to Esperance
  • Midwest
  • Gascoyne
  • Pilbara
Map of WA

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